Mike Blinder
The Blinder Group

There’s a good reason “the” is all caps in the name of THE Revenue Conference, says Mike Blinder, whose The Blinder Group is co-sponsoring the April 26 and 27 meeting with Inland.

“This is a chance, maybe the last chance, to meet at a newspaper-specific conference, whether you’re in a big or small marker, whether you’re a weekly or a daily,” Blinder says. While growing revenue from digital will be an important part of the conference, he adds, THE Revenue Conference will return repeatedly to the opportunity to wielding the continuing money-making power of print newspapers.

“We have the street cred we’ve taken centuries to build,” Blinder says. “This conference is all about how to leverage our credibility, leverage our audience and leverage our content.”

THE Revenue Conference will be held at the headquarters of the Austin (Texas) American Statesman, with a program that is all about selling every product, platform and service a newspaper might offer: Print, web and mobile space, social media, digital services, digital video and OTT production, native content, events, niche publications, contests, quizzes and all manner of promotions.

“What makes this program unique is we’re actually going to care about newspapers,” Blinder says.